Hi! Today is Wednesday. I arrived at school early. George and P’Pat will come to visit our school. My first class was Gym. We played double kickball, same as kickball, but there are two teams play and one team in the field. I got homerun once!! The second was Spanish, we had test today, so nothing to write -.,-. I drew cartoon, and Syd said I draw the same as May, the student that she host two years ago. The third class was Algebra. We studied about square root again, but the problems get harder and harder. Syd always has Algebra (high school math) homework, so do I. I got lots of math homework. The forth class, the longest class in the day. Ally and Courtney did their presentation today, they speak very well. While they were describing their powerpoint, George and P’Pat walked in the classroom. They took pictures. Then Ally and Courtney let us played a game outside. Like mix two games together, hide and seek mix with take. In Thai we called Sorn app and Wing lai jub. So P’Pat and George got a picture of me hiding behind the woods too. Sydnee and I were the first two students that got out. Before we went inside the building, P’Pat and George left. Then we did the Kahoot! I almost got the last place! Hahaha. After that we had lunch, I had chicken burger. Yummy..!! The fifth class was reading class, we went to the library instead of computer lab. I drew a picture again ^^. Then we went to the Quest class. Aaron was the opener, he let us play a game that we have to play with a partner. I didn’t play cuz the number of students are odd. I wanted to look at others more cuz it is very funny. How to play this game?? Aaron will give the group a name of an animal, and we have to close our eyes and do that animal sound to find our partner. Grace and Dakota M. Is the most funniest partner. They can’t find each other. Hahaha! So funny. The naxt class was band. Syd forgot her flute at home, so she had to listen. Me too! I just sit and listen every time. The last class was Language, we did the worksheet about the story “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I’ve known that this story has a Thai version too, when I come back to Thailand I think I have to find this book so I can understand more. The Thai name is “Phu Borrisuth”. We came home and had some snacks. Syd did her homework, I played piano. Then we had supper, we had a roasted fish and shrimp, boiled broccoli, and mashed potatoes. Delicious!! Dad will bring us to Rollair cuz today is the roller skate night. So sad, none of my Thai friends came to skate this night, but all the guys came. I’m the only girl among the Thai kids that came.T^T I can’t post the image cuz it up side down!