Today we woke up in the morning and Mike take us to school. Today in school we have a Gym class. When it’s gym class Mr. Kaderabek or Mr. K was absent so we have a substitution teacher. We still have to play badminton and in the same pair. Today I slam or I smashed a lot when David served the substitution teacher look at me and all friends because when I smash the birdie hit the net a went over so it made a loud sound. Today Spencer have a Extra Math but Mikes suggested me to go to the Chess club. So I went to the Chess club after school today I play with Arron L. and I won him. Then we went back home and we play with our neighbors we play kick ball. And when Cheri is home I go to the Games place. But Spencer didn’t go because he needed to do his homework so he stays alone in the house. Then when we there Cheri will go back so I went in and I play with my friends I play Chess with Plakow and George I won Plakow once and he won me back. But when I play with George he play only 4 moves then it’s a checkmate I was shock Plakow also lost him in 4 moves. Then soon I play checkers with Pang host kid I won him all the time. Then we play George game one time and Cheri came to pick me up so we went back home.