I wake up 6 o’clock today. I took a shower and have breakfast with cereal. Michelle make my lunch box to me, it’s many in there. When i, Rachel, Hannahhave breakfast already, we’re going to Denmark high school. Rachel drove a car to school. Rachel and Hannah took me to go to classes. I can’t remember the first class that i learn. The second is history, i don’t know anything about it. The third is band class, it’s Hannah’s class. There are many classes in a day, so i can’t remember them all. When school finish we came home. And this day is Michelle’s birthday. Sure, i have a gift for her. She looked very happy in her day. And i’m happy with her too. We go to have dinner in Texus, that’s a restaurant. I ate grilled bbq chicken, sweet potato, sweet corn. Then we came home. I’m very tried. I just take a nap. But i woke at 10pm to write my blog. At last i want to say Happy birthday Michelle:)