Hi! This is my first day at Hilbert Middle School. I came to school with my buddy, Sydnee. My first class was ‘Gym’. I had to change clothes together with all the girls, and we played dodgeball. The next class was Spanish. In this class, we studied about the bedroom items, like bed is called la cama, rug is called la alfombra. The third class was Algrebra, same as Mathematics. We studied about graph, parabola. That’s harder than what I studied at my own school in Thailand. The class before lunch was Social Study, It was a long class, and that’s the first class that gave me some homework! When the Social Study class end, we went to get some food for lunch. I had a turkey wrap, milk, salad, and Lays, yayy my favorite snack^^. After we finished our lunch, we went to the next class. It was reading class, little bit of boring in this class. This is a kind of relaxing class. Everybody just sat down and read their books, so Sydnee took me to the school library to get a book for reading class. After we finished reading class, I went to the next class, this subject is called quest, just the same with what we called Health (one of the subjects in my school). We studied about eating disorder. The next class was singing class, we sang la-la-la with the piano. The last class bofore the school end was English Language, the students had their speech. Students don’t have to take any exam, but they have to do their speech instead of doing exams. The school end on 3 o’clock in the evening.