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Today I woke up at 6:30 am, it was a little bit late. After I finished my morning routine, I had a cereal and hot latte for breakfast. Then I packed everything I need for school such as water bottle, notebook and pens. At 7:30 am, but this time was just me walked to school and weather was very nice (~2 degree centigrade). When I arrived at school I met Win, Rj, Sam, David, Cole, Isaiah and more. First class was band and I started to feel bored because I can’t play anything I was just sat there and listened to music, so I’m planning to stay with Sam and Win in first class. Then I went to English as a Second Language and studied about Easter day. It was very fun because those Chinese guys was so funny. Then the next class was Español and it was veryyyyyyyy bored. Seriously, I slept all class long hahahahaha. The next class was religion we studied about St. Paul adventure and it was kinda boring T^T. Then It was geometry and I did some exercise, it was good. But what I didn’t mention that last day I had a hard time trying to open locker but guess what, now I open locker like a boss. Now I’m a locker expert!!! Then I ate lunch from Ms. Nelson lunch bag and it was awesome as always. The next class was English and then it was gym class we played soccer again but this time the field was nicer than last time. And I did score the last score that made us win. It was 3-2. Then I studied biology, we did a muscle lab. I had to lift 10 pounds dumbbell, I know it wasn’t heavy at all, but I had to lift it for 5 minutes and it was about hundred something times. I was so fatigued and I felt buffed!! My arms was so big at that time. Then I walked back home and play with Trenton, Mr., Ms. Nelson grandson. We played basketball and some other things. After that I just knew that George and P’Pat were coming. After George and P’Pat arrived, we ate supper together and talk about all the things we could talk. And it was to much, they arrived at 5:00 pm and left at 8:00 pm!! It was 3 hours!!!! Now, I’m writing the blog and about to fell asleep. 

And for someone who don’t know, my blog title is a quote that connected to my content. In this case it’s about experience because George and my host family talked about their mistakes and their experience after we finished supper.

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