Today,I woke up more lately than yesterday.I went up and played with Olivia and we left the house about 9.00.First ,we went to eat pancake breakfast.It had sausage ,pancake and milj.It was so delicious.After we were done eating,we went to took the picture with Easter bunny.We got the candy from the Easter stuff.We got the slime.Olivia was so happy with that.We went to play golf to get the candy.After that ,we went to the park to do Easter hunt.We played swing for a while and we played Easter hunt.I didn’t get much because I made it fall down 555+.We opened the egg for the gift in that and we got the candy and a little things.We were going to the seesaw to play but the girl ran in front of Olivia.Olivia said that she was so mean.When we went back home ,we saw the Lake Michigan We took the rest for a while before I went to ride a bike with Olivia and played basketball for an hour.We were making the halfway lip balm.We couldn’t finish it because we needed to boil the water but the instruction was not clear enough for mom to do it.So,we painted the Easter egg.The cream stuck on our hand 555+.We rinsed the egg.Some of it had color on it but some was not so ,we painted it again.Olivia told me the joke to me.It was funny.We played softball.When dad came home.We ate chicken pasta and garlic bread for our dinner.It was so delicious.Everything that they made was all delicious.This was the truth ,I didn’t lie.After dinner ,I took a bath and kept the Lego with Olivia before I wrote the blog.Olivia wanted to help me write the blog.So,I made the Olivia’s blog for her.She was so happy to do it.She told the joke to her dad and me again.I watched the Big Bang Theory before I went to bed.GN 🌛🌛.






Today,Olivia ,Kim and Nhun went to eat pancake breakfast.It was so delicious.They served milk and orange juice.After we were done eating.We went to take the picture with the Easter bunny.Then ,the man next to the Easter bunny gave us candy in a bag. Then we went to park for the Easter egg hunt.We were going to the seesaw until a girl ran in front of Olivia and we both want to go on the seesaw. I almost cried.I got slime there at the pancake breakfast.We did Easter eggs and they were colourful. Then we played softball it was wonderful.Right now were watching Big BangTheory.It is wonderful to.