Today is Easter day and I woke up early at 7 A.M. Because I will go to the church, I stayed in the church for about 1 hour and we sing a song there. When we finished we walked back home with their cousin Abel. At home we started to find our easter baskets and Abel found it first next I am the second and Mind found it later, Jadian found it last one. We sit in our house for a while then we started to find easter egg in the backyard. I found 12 and Mind found 10, Abel found the most 13 but he shared to me and Mind 1. I ate potatoes, eggs, sweet potatoes, bread and turkey for my lunch. When we finished eating we came in our bedroom to take a nap. Today is Abel birthday so everyone gave a big box of birthday present to him and he got a mickey mouse balloon too, this year he became 4 years old and I think he will like birthday present a lot.