Today me and my host family will go to our grandparents house for Easter.So I need to pack my clothes for 2 nights.So we left our home at 9:20.On the way to grandparents house we stopped at the screen shirt shop to bought some of the shirts for me.We keep going and stopped at the mall to bought some of sport pants for Cole and Clara.When we finished shopping,Garrett wants to eat Chicken Fried so we stopped at “Burger King” to bought some food.It takes about 2 hours to get to our grandparents house so on the way I took a nap for a while.Around 12:30 we’re at our grandparents house and had lunch with our grandparents.So we had cheese soup for lunch and lemon cake for dessert.Then me and Clara went outside and ride a tractor in to the wood for 15 minutes.In the wood the weather is very nice so I don’t need a jacket but it’s little bit hurt because some trees are hurt me!When we finished our ridding,we went inside and played a board game “The Game Of Life”Then we left the game and went to a living room to watched a cartoon until Grace Greta and Nora came around dinner time.