Yesterday we went to baseball game. It’s very cold and I couldn’t felt my hand. I talked with T.George about mystery guy and Prom. I really wanna go to prom but nobody go with me. First I asked Gifted about it she said NO then I asked Proud she said NO then I asked Topaz I don’t know but I think he go then I talked with P’Jan she about should I go to prom she said we should go. Then Proud go with me. I really exciting about prom. This time we sat very close to the feild and I really had fun. This time I had fun cause I understand the game. Yesterday Oui caught a foul ball and Jedi want to buy that ball like $200 that equal 7,000 baht. So I think Jedi is young so he doesn’t know that his mum and dad wirk hard for that money and he gonna spend ฿7,000 just for stupid ball I. P’Mild and Gifted told him already but he didn’t listen it. It’s not about me but I every time I buy something and does it worth that I buy thing and I’m gonna use it till it broke or if I really wanna buy a useless thing I always think about my mum and dad. After baseball game I really tired.Because I consider about that I just use my money less than $100. Because of the weather is really cold I really hurt my throat and got headache. I was really tired yesterday