imageToday I woke up at 8 am and watch Fuller House. This show is very funny. This is like first season is about a dad has 3 daugther and 2 dad friends help dad to raise this 3 girl. Then this is about 3 girls have grow up and have baby so it very funny. Then I help Olivia choose dress . White or Dark blue. It’s very hard to choose cause I like both . So I didn’t chose any of it. Then we went to Lisa house. We ate chilli . It’s very good I have 2 bowl of it. Then we played some game with Alexa . Then we were decided we will back home with Alexa or everyone at Alexa house. Then we back home and Erin just left message that we can’t have Alexa or friends when there no adult in a house. Then Erin left this message when we were just home so we just thinj what we gonna do if she home and Alexa home so we made a plan . Plan A if Erin called I will talk with her in Thai Plan B Alexa hide Plan C walk to Alexa house. Then Alexa mum pick us up. Then we played a lot if game and I got bored and I slept then I woke up at 5 then back home and have dinner. Now I’m watching Penguin when we finish watching movie we gonna play some game.
Tomorrow is a firstday at school I’m so exciting!!!!