I’m live here just 1 month and I already have who I like. It is mystery boy who never talk to me just one sentence but I know he is a good person. This is the last week I will be here and I know he won’t really care and he not really care about me. I want to take some photo with him but I’m too shy. I wanna tell him that ” You have beautiful eyes and sexy lip I mean you are handsome for me and when your speak your voice makemy heart shake” I never feel like this before. Cause I never watch someone I like and happy everyday when I saw him. He always look at that girl who very pretty. He always sit next to her and tease her. He always drop his pencil and stuff and sometime I help him pick it up. When he smile his teeth is shine like snow and everything look bright. I’m glad I met him even though he never want to met me but I feel happy when I see him. I tried to took a photo of him but I couldn’t. I feel so lame. So his name is Aaron Lischka.