Today is the first day at high school I was nervous and exciting at the morning. Then I talked to Emily and Michaela . It was awesome!!! I really enjoy PE class cause everybody is silly and play soccer very funny I try to hit a ball but I can’t. I always meet Gifted in most of the class Proud sometimes Topaz like none. Proud is in Grade11 but I think I have to be in grade 11 but that fine I like grade 10. I have Maddy and girl from China new friends and I’m so happy school is awesome.At school I met someone who very cute. I don’t now what is hus name but he is cute. During school it was snow again and I can felt thay it bery cold outside. In the high school I met friends in First German I think they remember me like I remember them but we never talk to each other. I try to have Topaz snacks but I can’t cause I just met him on the way and music class. After school I just went home and now writing my blog and waiting for chicken noodle soup for supper!!