At the morning we walk to St.Francis school to present our work. We went to grade 5,6,7,8 . They are very nice and kind they talk to me very friendly. Then for a while a boy run to me and give me a card it say ” contact: reimer21″ and everyone keep telling me that he likes me. After that we went to the MMT and get the bus to Roncalli high school .   When we first went in we are amazed at the the elegance. It is very big and wide and thing in side is very cool.         At first I went to present I feel very scare and nervous because all of them is a teenager, but after I feel better because they smile to me. Next we went to the fall seagull burger it is very delicious.

And we arrived at home I get on the bedroom. I get in bed, I didn’t change I my clothes I wore a jean!!!! hahaha