In the morning I think today is boring bacause it quiet but in afternoon it not quiet anymore. Skyanne’s cousin come here! Her grandma bring 3 dogs also. I have many new friends Caydan, Davin and Jacob the all are boy. I watch Arianna make brendy for her cousin. It have many food ex.egg, vagetable, cake, beef and fruit. Then we go outside to play basketball and play hidden too. Then we come back to home to paint Easter’s egg. I have an idea. I write my name in Thai and show them because I sure they must ask for me to write their name too. It ture everybody let me to write their name. I’m very happy.^^ When we finish paint about at 5.30p.m. we go to play outside again we play until 8.30p.m. I very very very fun.>3< But during I play I run and fell down T_T but it just a little bit hurt. I come back and write bloc. Wohooooo Fun day^0^ BYE BYE