Today I woke up early. I ate fried potato with toast and fried egg for breakfast. I like fried potato. Ella made chocolate chip cookie. Then we went Walmart for buying snack to bring back to Thailand. Next we went to Kohl’s. I bought high heel shoe for prom. When we back home for Ella. She has to dress up for her prom to night. When everyone left house except me and Jan. We help person who come to get trampoline from back yard. I and Jan made fried rice and fried pork with holy basil for lunch. We have a little competition that who made the best friend rice and I win.When we finish eating, we go downstairs for trying dress and shoe for prom. We practice doing make up. It’s very hard to do by yourself. My dinner is fried pork with holy basil and rice with fried egg. I like fried pork with holy basil, it’s taste very good.