Last night after we ate pizza, We came back to the school at 9.30pm. We had to manage that who is gonna take a shower first. So, we solved the problem by play ‘rock paper scissor’. We had to took a shower 2 person per time because we had only one bath room. Amy and I got the last person so when we got in to the bathroom , it was dirty and the water was on the floor a lot. It was very hard to me because it was so easy to swerve. But finally,I’m fine hahaha.Then, we went to sleep. Today in the morning, we woke up at 6am. And go to the church at8am. because it’s the Easter day. Then we came back to the school to rest for a while and then we went to the mall to buy some snacks.After that, we had a free time so we went to the park near the school ,but the way to get to the park was far for me so I ride piggyback my friend . At the park, we took a lots of photos and strolled until 12.30 . Afterwards, we had to cooking for our lunch. We made pancakes and scramble eggs by ourselves.Then, we had free time again ,so we played game and talked to each other until 6pm and got in the van to have a dinner at McDonald.image