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Today, I woke up at about 6.20 A.M. Porsche woke up after me. I  did my daily tasks as usual. My breakfast today was  2 strawberry pastries with frosties. They were very delicious. After that,  Porsche and I went outside with Tricia. We picked up Megan and went to the school. When we went to school, we went to the basement and joined up with Jensen as usual. Next, Megan and I went to the Spanish class. Today, Ms. Doll gave us a Spanish quiz to be done online. It was quite funny. I had to rely in Megan most of the time,because I  didn’t know Spanish.  After that, she led the entire class to do some exercises which I didn’t do for obvious reasons. Then, Megan and I went to the Math class. Ms. Leich gave us quadratic equation exercises as usual. It was quite getting easier for me to finish these equations. I could finish those equations without using generic rectangles, because I had been doing these kinds of equations at my Thai school. Later on, we went to the Cooking class. We were joined by Porsche and Jensen there. The teacher explained us how to make some whip cream and the Angel Food Cake. It was quite interesting. I heard that we would be making that cake with some strawberry sauce. This was becoming quite interesting for me. After the period was finished, Porsche, Jensen, Megan and I went to the Art class. Mr. Pendergast told everyone to finish their tiles if they didn’t finish them yet. I finished my tile , so I did something else or talked to others. Then , we splited up. Megan and I went to the English class. Mr. Larsen led us read our books. He also led us to write some questions about the book. I was quite ok in doing it.

Then, we went to lunch. My lunch was 2 ham and cheese sandwiches again. They were quite delicious. After that, I talked to Megan and others about other things. Next, we went back to the English class again. I kept reading about my new book. I forgot that I needed to make a “thick” question about the book I read, so I made one. It was about the war crimes of WWII and the “Victors’ Justice” .  After that came my favorite subject, History. Mr. Romatowski explained us more about WWI especially the causes why the U.S. entered the war. One thing I noted was  that he said that money U.S. companies used to spend on merchant ships and supplies to France and U.K. was also one of the reasons why the U.S.  entered the WWI. After  that, we were informed about the Tornado Drill, so we went downstairs to the Basement to wait for further instructions. I saw this as a waste of time to this period. Then, we went back upstairs. I asked Mr. Romatowski about these drills, he told to me that the U.S. had various types  of natural disasters like Tornadoes, fires and other things. He even  said that one of the main natural disasters were kids including Megan too! I was laughing about this thing, why would kids be natural disasters? This was ridiculous!.  He also explained to us about the Battle of Somme by using a video.  He also showed us a diagram  of the main fronts of WWI . I actually made a more detailed one including the Mediterranean, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Pacific, Central and East African fronts too. Mr. Romatowski told to me that the class didn’t have enough time  to go deeper into the war. That was  quite bad for me though. I also made some more notes. After that, we had our science class. We had to move to another room, because the room we were using for some time was quite hot. In that class, Megan and her friend began finishing up their periodic table  posters. After they had finished, they went to talk to their teacher about their general and personal topics. When the teacher mentioned about getting some pain after watching a movie for a  long time. I told to him, Megan and her friend that I got a backpain after watching Insurgent in a movie theater. After the class was finished, I asked Megan about watching the Divergent series. She said that  she hadn’t watch the movies yet, but she already read the Divergent books. Next, Porsche came to me and led me read a love motto he wrote  to Jensen. Jensen was quite surprised by that, because she  left her boyfriend who now became an ex-boyfriend. That motto was also intended to sent to him too. Next, Porsche and I waited  at the outside, until Tricia came in and picked us up. We weren’t quite sure if we were going to Game Night today, so  we went to  a sandwich restaurant and bought 2 tuna sandwiches for Porsche and I. Next, Tricia dropped us into the house, because she was busy. She said that , if Phu’s mom pick us up to go to Game Night, we could go with her. Next, we relaxed and found out that Phu’s mom wasn’t going to pick us up, so we had to stay in our house. We also informed Tricia about that too. Then, I had one  of the tuna sandwiches as my dinner. It was quite delicious. Next, Tricia came back with the kids and Dave. I updated my blog and relaxed more before going to sleep.

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