Today ,I woke up and ate blueberry waffle with
milk for breakfast.Maya picked me up around
7.25.First class was chorus ,they sang very good
and beautifully.Second class was hawk time and
third class was Science.In science class,we watched
video about blood type ,antigen ,antibodies ,Rhand
ABO.It was very interesting.This was my new learning
stuff.Next was history class and English class before
lunch.In Spanish class ,we watched video of the
Spain language.We went to learn Math.It was very
exciting today.I thought Mr.Plagel teach so good.After
I went back home,I talked to my mom for a while
and played with Olivia before Olivia took a bath.Dad
went out to buy something for our dinner and taught
how to use oven.15 minutes later,he called me to
open the oven.I was very excited to do because
this is my first time.We had pizza for our dinner
before we went to bowling.Dad ,Jordan ,Olivia and
me went together.It was raining a little bit.We were
the first that arrived at the bowling.First,we thought
we come in wrong place.I wasn’t sure too because
last time that I came with Mr.George was different
place.So,dad called to check with mom.And we were
correct.We came inside and chose the bowling ball.
10 minutes later ,P’Pat and George this
was the right place.Best , Pladaow and Phoomjai
came later.Pladaow ,Olivia ,Nissa and me played in the
same roll.Boys were playing very good their score was
higher than us very much and for adult roll the score
was very good especially for dad.His score was very
high.I talked many things with Pladaow and Olivia.I talked many things with Pladaow.  Olivia was
playing with Nissa.Olivia liked Nissa so much.Around
8.35 ,we came back to home.I took a shower before I
went to bed.It was very fun today