Today we woke up and we went to school. Today we have gym class. And the 6 students have a MAP testing when they are having a MAP test I were doing my blog from yesterday. And one of Ms. Cohen class she took us to went down and play kick ball. After that we have gym class. We still going on with Badminton. I still play with David. After we finished  gym we go and get change  . Then after the school we went back home. And Cheri need to went back to work. I and Spencer went to play basketball and Emma come. We play and soon Cheri came back. At first I decided to go skating but in the end I change my mind. I went and play bowling with Cheri and Spencer and Cheri friends also with their kids. I score in the fist time 97 and the second time is 90 I won all of them. And all of us went back to our home. And I took a shower and I have a one bowl of salad and soon I’m gonna go to bed.