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Today George dropped the boys at the school by himself. He let me sleep until 8:30 am. He came back to pick me up around 9:30 am.
We went to Silver Lake College to meet with the summer camp coordinator.
At Silver Lake College, they offer 5 days summer camp for American kids from grade 5-8 in July. We’re thinking about bringing international students over here.
But 5 days is too short so we’re working on another 5 days before and after the camp. We want to add the orientation week so the students can get over jet-lag. We’re thinking about do some touring just like what we did with our homestay student. The students will stay in the dorm with well- train supervision and me probably.

Their camp is very interesting and fun. There are different kind of classes for students to choose and group activity in the afternoon.

We’re thinking about letting the parent come over too. We can arrange some sign seeing tour for the parent separately and they can meet up with their kids later. We’re exciting to make the trip happen. We’re not sure we can make it this year but absolutely next year.

After talked, we went to get lunch at Panda Express. We used the internet there for a couple hours.
Then we went to pick up the boys at school and went to Walmart to buy food for Chicago breakfast and snack.
We took the food home and we went to the Nelson’s house for dinner and Bonfire.

When we got there, we knocked the door and it looked like nobody home. We thought they went for a walk.
But after 5 minutes, Pokpong walked to see us from the back yard. They’re in the back yard of their house.



Kathie taught us how to make pumpkin pie. We grilled some food and ate together.




After we’re done with meal, we continued with the sweet which was S’more!
S’more is a campfire treat, consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. It’s really yummy. George and I tried once in Bangkok but they can’t do it properly.



Pokpong was making cherry pie. He was so proud.





After the boys were full, they played baseball together. Some of Pokpong friends from school and neighbor joined us.
They also went to the basement and play pool together. Porsche was so funny.
He was so confident about his pool’s skill but he’s the worst. All of them weren’t good at it.

IMG_2691 IMG_2695 IMG_2703Around 7 pm. We went home. The Nelson asked us to took a family photo with Pokpong for them.

Toto realized that he didn’t have his phone with him when we got home.
George all the Nelson and at first they couldn’t find it too. So George decided to go to their house to help find it.
After a while George called me that they found it in the basement’s bathroom.

We packed all of our stuff today and did the laundry. We have a lot of duffel bags and we lay it all in the living.
Tomorrow, Muk and Lily will stay with us overnight because their host family couldn’t drop them off on Saturday.
Our apartment is going to be full. George and I will sleep on the couch and let the girls and boys get the bedrooms.

Today was the last day school for the boys. They’re really sad that they’re not going to see their friends again.
Porsche has his friendship book that everybody signed on it and write something for him. He read it in his room and start to get emotional hahaha. Toto and Porsche kept talking about how to keep contact with their friends in America. That’s really cute.

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