Today I got up at 7.55 A.M. Today we will go to Blue Harbor waterpark . A breakfast is ham sandwich . Then mom’s friend came to pick us to waterpark . Then we went to school to met another one that will come along with us . Dad didn’t go with us . We used about one hour to get there . In waterpark has many playthings . First I went to play a water slider with junior . Then we went to play basketball in the pool with friends from school . It took a long time with this playing . I got a little bit lesion from this playing . Then I went to play another sliders with Kenny , my friend at school . Then in the afternoon , we went to buy lunch at the cafe . I bought hot dog , french fireds , and a cup of root beer . After that we went to play sliders again and swam in the pool . Then we went to wait for a big water bucket that will pour the water over us . Then I saw Nolan . He will go to surfing . Then Kenny need to go home . After that I walk around for a while . Then I went to take a shower . Then I went to Game Center and play many game to get some ticket to exchange a gift . I got a Air Rocket Luncher . Then we went home . Next is dinner . The dinner is smoked sausages . Then we sit in a family room for a while . After that we will go skating .