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Today we woke up at 6 am. It was really early. George was the first and I was a second. I woke up in the middle of the night because it was too hot. I think the heater in our apartment or the one near me (near my bed) might work incorrectly.

We woke Junior and Plakaow up around 6:30 am. They wanted to eat Tom Yum Mama noodle for breakfast. They made it themselves. The
smell made me want to eat too. So I ate mama nooddle for breakfast today hahaha.

We’re all packed and ready to leave around 7:30 am. Junior and George went together with most of our stuffs. Plakaow and I waited for Porsche and Toto host mother to pick us up at 8 am.

Their van was a little bit tight because Junior and I need a ride too. Porsche was the smallest guy so he offer to sat in the back of the van. It
wasn’t comfortable but he’s being a good host. Hahahaha

Porsche and Toto told me about their one day trip to Chicago. Toto said it was windy but Porsche said it was hot. I don’t know if they went to
the same place haha.

Plakaow told them about how cool to stay with George and I.Basically, they love to go to the game shop. I can’t believe the boys can
be that crazy about card game.





We got to the  meeting point around 8:15 am.We met everybody at Park and Ride parking. It’s the parking that people who want to share a car, going to the same place to park and meet. Every host family came on time so we leaved the parking around 8:40 am. We spit to 2 buses. I was in one bus and George was in the other bus. We’re going to do Kids bus and Adult bus but some of the hosts
want to stay with their kids.







It only took 1.5 hour to get to Miller Park, the baseball stadium. I can manage to get a nap anyway.
We arrived around 10:10 am. We park and we brought all the grills and food to set up in the front of the buses. The kids help with that but they’re really slow and stop a lot. I think because we have a lot of people and they know they can get away with helping. Toto did it very well though.







We started to eat the appetite right away. It took sometime to heat the grills. The weather today was really nice and sunny. It was 12-15c. I didn’t need my jacket. Most of the kids just wear short and T-shirt. We ate, we talked, the kids played card, ran around. Most of them did well with staying with their host family and their friends. They didn’t stick together too much. OR when they saw George came close, they would move hahaha. Bam and Mind still stick together like they have the same hip.









The kids played card together. They’re having fun.



Pang mostly was with her host family. She was really happy. She talked a lot.

Our grills were busy. I think we can actually will be fine with 2 grills.

Muk also did really well, staying by her host family also. She was with them the whole time.
I didn’t see she talked to Thai friends at all.


They also ran around, playing ball together.












Today was Kay birthday too so Kay cerebrate her birthday with all of us.George and I gave her a card and a present. She likes it.


Around noon, we called all the hosts and kids to come together and took a group photo. The guy who supposed to took the picture, I think he didn’t press the capture so we didn’t have the picture. We only have the picture before that.


We also told them to stay together as a family. Each host will take care of their own kids including our kids.
All of Thai kids had the contact card in case they get lost. George also randomly gave away one of the grill. The Hecker got it.

We walked to the stadium together. Toto and Porsche had to walked with me and George because their host parent didn’t come.
Our seats were near the field. This year was closer than last year. I think we’re getting closer every year. Maybe we might sit in the field next year.








The match today was between the Brewers and the Pirate. We’re on the Brewers side. We’re all wear the Brewers shirt and this is the Brewers stadium. Hahaha










All the kids sat with their host family. I sat with George and Kay. Since the Miller Park has Wifi, it was so hard for the poor kids who don’t often get oursitde internet. They were on their phone a lot. Eventually, George had to tell them to put it away and took some iPad.

The Brewers lose at the score 2-10. I didn’t know it was that bad until I read Pokpong’s blog.
We let the kids ran in to the field. Only some of them did.
After that we went to the meeting point near the souvenir shop and took a group photo again.

We went back to the buses and I thought “Oh what’s a fun trip”

Suddenly George came up to my bus and asked me “Do you see my backpack?” “No, I don’t”….
After that we all knew that George forgot his backpack somewhere. He ran fast back to the Miller Park. He called me to tell me to ask somebody about his backpack but he’s running and talking on the phone!

So together with his tired cutting sound thought the phone, it was really hard to understand and listen to the name he said. I asked him to say a couple time until he got upset so I decided to just ask each bus if anybody see his backpack. Nobody saw it. Junior and Plakaow’s host dad told me last time he saw was when George’s taking picture of the kids near the field.

I was waiting for George to come back. I was thinking about what we’re going to do if he lost his backpack. He must be so sad and upset because a lot of stuff was in there. I started to think about when was the last time he backup his labtop,what kind of work we’re losing…etc.

We’re waiting for George for 20 minutes. He came back with his backpack and the smile. He called me later to tell me that some of the Miller Park staff found it and sent it to lost and found. We’re so happy that we didn’t lost it. George was so lucky.

We got to Manitowoc around 18:30 pm. We’re all separate fast.
George and I went to eat dinner at Perkin. The Heckers was there too.
After we park a car, I was going to walk into the restaurant. George called my name quietly “Pat!, grab a camera!” He was so excited.
I walked back to the car. He told me to follow him. He point to the back of the restaurant and said “That’s Owe!” “Woowww” We walked closer and closer and I said “I think it’s a fake one” George said ” No no it’s real”
Eventually when he was close enough, he realized it was a fake one. Haahahhahaha

If you know George, you will know how much he likes animals.
Seeing an Owe in the parking lot is thrilled.

I told the Hecker after we got into the restaurant. They had a good laugh.
We ate quickly and went to Kay house. Today was the day of Game of Thrones Season 5 new episode. We’re waiting for a year.
We watched the series movie and Kay’s playing on her phone to catch up all the Facebook post during the day that she’s busy.

It’s been a long day.
By the way tomorrow is George and I 2nd Anniversary. I feel like 10 years. (In a good way hahaha)

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