Hi ___sorry!!
Today is very famous day , Because l and my friends from school , from host and from thailand went to baseball gameeeeeee . Today l stayed with George and Pat l will got up in 6.00 AM. because l prepared for baseball game , l and George went to walmart because we want to bought some ice and eveythings about campping . When l came to holiday inn hotel it is a tryst at 8.30 am. anypeople about 90 went to 2 school bus . When we at baseball stadium ( out side ) we were campping and have lunch some people made lunch by themself but some people were not , Chlidren ( l and my friends ) play football , fhippy , running and rugby . When game start we went to in side stadium it have a lot of people were in side the stadium , ln between break we can walk around stadium and bought any things . Then the game is emd we were lose …. 555 ( Joke ) but we relly lose , We ( everybody) went to run in real field is used for game . When l come to home l was to take a bath ( Smith house ) and finally l was to sleep.