Today I woke up at 7 A.M. and today all of thai students will go to watch baseball together and Jadian host don’t like baseball so he didn’t go to watch with us. We went to meet each other at around 8.30 A.M. and then George count a person on a bus and then we start to go out and on the way we play card together, I play with Mind, Prae and Pokpong and it really fun, it take about 1 and a half or 2 hours to get there. When we were there we all put all of the stuff come down from the bus such as snacks, foods and drinks and we all sit there on the glass and the weather isn’t as cold that I think so I leave my blanket on the bus and we just sit and eat there for 2 hours before the game, when we finished eating I asked my friends that they want to play card with me or not some want to play but some won’t while we play Jane asked we that we want to play American football and we just sat there and think that we will played or not and I asked Nemo, Mind and Prae. I kept asked and asked and they all played. While we played the boys always win the girls because on their team have more people than girls team and I ran and ran when the ball come I am the nearest at the ball and I ran and catch but I can’t catch the ball because I scared and I laughing at my self. Then Nemo host called us to ate lunch and we all go. My lunch is hotdog and chicken and then I play card again. While I play card someone called me to get ready for the game and we clear al of the stuff that we bring and then George say that everyone should stayed with your host family so, me and Mind go to my host family and then we started to walk to the stadium and Julie gave me a ticket. When I go and sat in my seat the game didn’t started yet. For about 10 minutes the game started and I sat and watched it and for about half an hours me and Mind went to the bathroom and when we came back I’m so hungry so, I go to buy popcorn with Mind and it cost about 200 baht and we go to watched again for about 2 hours and when the game finished someone want to run in the field but I won’t so I go to the bathroom with my host family and then I go to meet at the gift shop and then we took a photo together and then we get on the bus and on the way back we play card again and when we at the parking we all go home by own host family and when I got home I’ve got a headache so I ate a medicine and I sleep so early at 8.30 P.M.