Hello 04.10.2015
Today I got up in 6.35 am. then l take a bath , ate breakfast and went to school
in 7.15 am. . When I even thought to school I played basketball with my friends , when the bell in school echo l went to my classroom and l prepare for studiedly . Today’s l learned about religion , english , math ( shape) , science and etc. . after when school break l played kick ball football (American football ) and running . when l over class l practice dancing for school’s show in 23 – 24 April 2015 . after then l went to my home and have a surprise because teacher George and teachers Pat took me to us apartments because my mom (host) have cousins died . When stayed with George , Pat l went to games store and played games and have dinner . Fianlly l went to take a bath and go to sleep.