Today is Friday . Today we had omelet and milk as breakfast . Then we went to school . Today , the sky is clear . When I arrived at school I didn’t play basketball today . I went to listen to music in mom’s room for a couple minute . Then I went to my classroom . When I’m in the classroom , I did a little bit of homework . And correct my math test sheet . Then we had Christ light class . Next we had math class . I did math exercise in this class . Then we went outside in break time . We played American football . Then we went downstairs to library . When we arrived at library , everyone ran around the library and picked all dolls around the room . I’m very surprise to see that . We lived in library for an hour . Then we wen upstairs to our classroom . We had English class next . I had exercise in this class . After that is lunch time . My friend had birth’s day today . So , his mom brought the pizza and a cake to our classroom . I also had butter peanut sandwich , milk , and strawberry as a lunch . Then we had break time . I didn’t go outside because I had to do some homework . After that we had singing class . So , we had to go to a church that next to school . Then we had science and history class . We had to do history review for quiz on next Monday . Then we went gym to practice for musical . When we finish practice , I played football and basketball for a couple minutes . Then when I went home I had to pack the bag for prepare to go to stay with P’Pat and T.George for two night . Because mom and dad had to go to funeral . And today I have to go to skate whit my friend . But it had a situation like this so I can’t go skating . I feel very bad . Then we came to game shop because T.George want to play card game .