Today I woke up 6:28 I really tired. I went to school and I met T.George and P’Mild at school. They came to school to find mystery boy. Just kidding! They just came ti take video and picture. First we just failed cause we don’t know how to open the locker. Then T.George help me to open it. Then P.E class we played softball and it was funny cause it the first time thst Gifted played. She was run in the funny way. When it was her turn to hit a ball a pitcher teasing her by jump and stamp his feet very loud before he throw a ball. Gifted scared of him and he had to throw 6 time then Gifted hit a ball. She look very funny. On period 8th I went ti art class and I did sculpture thing. It’s my first time and it is awful… Yes it is awful and ugly cause it was my first time. After class Proud told me about prom. She said that I should invite a guy from this school not Thai guy. However if I invite them I have to pay money for them I’m not gonna pay money for boy. So, I think I just go with Proud and friends.