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Porsche and I walked to another section of the library. We were greeted by 2 persons. One just passed us a little bit and  talked to Porsche for some time . The second one both talked to us about the Vietnam War and our general information. It was quite ok. I wasn’t quite sure why would these 2 would talk to us.  After that, we met George and Pat. We went to Kay’s car. Kay was George and Pat’s friend. She came in along  with her husband, her son, Joey and the Thai student she hosted. We didn’t use our car anymore, because George returned it to the renting company. Joey, the student, Porsche and I walked to a restaurant. I had some chatter with Joey about Thailand and USS Cobia. It was quite good. Later on, we reached the restaurant. We met Kay, her husband ,George and Pat there. We waited for some time before we were seated. Then, we had our dinner. Mine was a local fried Lake Perch, some beef noodle soup and some fries. They were quite delicious. We also talked in the restaurant too. It was quite nice. George then went out in order to play some card games at a game shop. After that, we got on the car to Kay’s house. We dropped her husband, Joey and the Thai student. We went to Cedar Grooves Ice Cream Parlor in order to take some photos with the big cow. Pat got some ice cream there. Next, we went to Beernsten’s in order to have some ice cream. George and Pat said earlier that this place had of the best ice creams in the town. We walked  pass the game shop that George played his game . We didn’t see him there. When we went to Beernsten’s ,  I ordered a sundae  with a vanilla ice cream, raspberries, marshmallows and  nuts. It was very delicious.  Then, we walked around the place to look at some chocolate.  This place was also famous for its  chocolate.   Kay, Pat and Porsche bought some of it. I tried some of it. It was also delicious too. Later on, we passed the Rahr-West museum. Kay said that a fragment of a Soviet satellite , Sputnik fell in this area.  There was a memorial plaque in front of the museum, so I took a picture of it. After that, we went back to the apartment. I packed my stuff again and typed about my blogs.  Lilly, Muk and their host parents came in  respectively. Lilly and Muk settled down  for some time. Then, the host parents, Kay and Pat talked to each other for some time before  Kay and the parents  got out. Lilly and Muk also said goodbye to the hosts too.  Porsche and I also ate some instant noodles. They were quite good. Next, all of us went to bed.

On May 2, I woke up at about 5.50 A.M.  . I changed my clothes, brushed my teeth and packed things up. Muk, Porsche  and Lilly woke up respectively. They did their routines as usual. Later on, George and Pat woke up. I ate my breakfast. It was some cereal again. George told Muk, Lilly, Porsche  and I  to go outside for some time. We relaxed for a few moments before going back to the apartment. When we reached there, we  started putting stuff including our luggage  downstairs. It was somewhat ok. Then, we waited in that area  and talked to each other. Next, other students and their host parents came in. We talked to them  and took some photos with them tool At about 11 A.M.,  the bus arrived. We packed things up on the bus before getting on it. We  were provided with some lunch packs by George and Pat. They were quite ok. Then, the bus stopped at McDonalds. George and some students got out and bought some food for us. The meal was some nuggets and fries. I shared them with Phu. They were quite delicious. At around 3 P.M., we reached the Holiday Inn Hotel. We dropped our stuff into the rooms before getting briefed by George and Pat. We were provided with the breakfast and lunch packs for the other days plus some snacks. We were also told to change our clothes.  George also provided the keycards. The room I was staying was  being cleaned, so the students that stayed in that room with me had to wait for some time until the room was cleaned. The students whom I stayed with were Porsche, Junior and Plakaow. Later on, we got back to George and Pat’s room and joined up with the others. We went downstairs and got outside. We walked to a train station. George began buying the tickets from a machine. It took quite long as some of the machines he used had problems and they could only pay and give 1 ticket at a time. Then, we got on the train to get into Downtown Chicago. The  train took about an hour to get there. We went to the Willis Tower first.  Next, George had a change of plans. So, we went to LouMalnita’s Pizzeria  via a train.  Our first course was some salad. It was quite ok.  The second one was some buffalo wings. They were quite delicious. The last course was some deep-dish pizzas. These pizza had a thick crust. They were very delicious. The deep-dish pizzas was one of the more unique types of pizza. It was probably only available in Chicago. After that, we got on the train and reached the station nearest to the Willis Tower. We  went to the tower. We passed the security checkpoints and got on an elevator to a ticket level. At that level, we got our tickets.  We also saw some interesting facts of this building . Later on, we waited for some time before getting on the elevator which would take us to the Skydeck Floor. In the elevator, we found out the the height of this building was about 103 floors.  It was a little bit higher than the Empire State Building. When we reached Skydeck, we took some photos of Chicago from the area. I could see large parts of the city, but it was at night. So, I couldn’t see a lot of things there. After that, we took some group photos on the Skydeck Ledges.  They were large transparent plastic box. It was quite interesting. Next, we went down to the souvenir shops. I didn’t buy anything.  Later on, we  got back to the station and rode on a train. It took about an hour to get back to the hotel. It was about  11 P.M. . So, George told to us that our curfew was at  12 A.M. . We got back to our room and finish our own personal businesses.  Then, we went to bed.

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