About Me

I love traveling and meet new friends. I like to play all kind of sports. I like to cook and read. I went to England for summer last year and this year I want to explore America.

: Khithkan Homjanya
AGE: 12 
BIRTHDAY: June 28 
HOBBIES: I like sports, cooking and reading books.
FAVORITE SPORT:I like football, badminton, basketball and swimming.

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When I go down from the airport. We went out of the gate . After that we have a freetime so I went to buy strawberry chocolate milkshake and banana milk, It was very delicious. I play with Nissa I pretend to be a ghost she is scare and run around, she jump on me!! […]

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Making Ice Breaker today

10 more days to go for the summer program in USA. I am so exited and cant wait to explore USA,but feeling sad to be apart from my family as well. Today I am making an Ice Breaker Book, I make it with my mummy .

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My first meeting for the USA homestay program

       when I walked in I saw many people,I fell excited to meet new friends. Poomjai, Pladow, Nhun, Net and Mook. After that we went to watch the movie. We have to decide what movie will we watched between Alita battle angel and Friend zone. We play rock paper scissors with T.Gorge.      […]

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The First Day of Best

I went to watch the movie with my friends, after that I have to sleep with Poomjai he is very funny. The movie that we watched is Friend zone it is fun and romantic movie. Teacher Gorge have 2 children Nissa and Sam. Nissa is very cute and Sam like to put his mouth water […]