Today is the second day that I’m stay in Minnesota, I woke up at 9 A.M. then I take a shower and ate cereal for breakfast again. At about 11 A.M. we came to hotel near the mall of america to keep our bags. We go to the mall of america and I’m so excited, the first thing that we do are getting on some rides and it really fun then we go to Victoria’s Secret to shop some clothes and I got 2 for today, we ate lunch in a restaurant called run forest run and the food is really yummy here. In the food have rice, shrimp and toast. When we finish eating we shop more at Victoria’s Secret again and I really love it, Today I use about 5,000 baht. I have met Tim Gunn and my buddy mom bought a book for him to sign on it. We get on the ride again because our ticket is one day pass so, we have fun a lot today.