Today my first class start at 9.45 but I arrived at school around. In geometry class it like everyday it fun and easy for me.In physical education we can not use gym because today my school have music festival at night and we use gym so we can not play any sport in gym.we must use the room under the stair and we play ping ESL class “miss ankamad” maybe read BFG book for ours and I like earth/space  we saw movie about tornado it was very fun.In government  class sara have test today and english class they have present.biology class today I learned about nervous system.and the special things today is proud went to my host family house to play with my host child.we must use only english because we want my host child understand what we say. they like proud we play a lot of thing. snow,guess who,hide a seek,For example,are game we play it’s very fun and finally we make a lot of gard for adriel birthday and for sam,me and proud a special things todays.the last thing I will tell you goodnight for today