I woke up at 6.35 a.m. I don’t want to wake uppp. I’m so lazy hahaha. I made sandwich for lunch. Clara give 3 books to me because she doesn’t want me bored in class. These books are painting, drawing, and reading.

First class, we go to library to do the brochures. But I don’t need to do that. Next class is Math. Teacher told us that it will have the test, so I don’t need to do that hahaha. I’m so happyy hahaha.

Mom buy Chinese food for us. But Grarett eat subs. He eat a half of that and put it on the chair. And he go upstair. So the dog eat it. It makes Grarett angry sooo much. But that make me laugh hahaha.

Grarett broke Cole’s phone. And Cole broke Grarett’s lego. So they fight together in Clara’s bedroom hahaha. They make me laugh so hard hahahahaha.

I have a pimples on my cheek, so bad. I should wash my face now. Soo baddd. Sooo badddd. Soooo baddddd. And my face is very dry. Soo badd. I need moisturizing lotion nowww.