Today I got up at 6.25 a.m I took a shower and have breakfast.our breakfast today is egg and very delicious.when I arrived at school i met pround and didi .my class is the same class like yesterday but today I am very enjoy because I understand what they learn today it very fun .I very like geometry and government class it a great class .and In ESL class I didn’t do anythings because teacher tell chinese student exchange read book for me but finally I must read it by my lunch today are noodles box and I have my own lockers today.after lunch I have religion class it a very bored class like everyday and I have pre-test today in english class teacher allow me to done it with didi  i have only two wrong it make me very last class todays is spain it very fun when I listen they talk in spain although I didn’t understand them but it sound funny.sara is a good buddy.she very kind and friendly I like her and now I have new friend argina she is a chinese people and she is very today sam and adrew have swimming class today.and I will go to thai and laos market too bye bye see you next blog ha ha ha