Yesterday I fall asleep and I’m dreaming about I go to concert and it’s late now. So I be a cheetah and I run by my hand to go to restaurant. I don’t know why I run to restaurant not to concert hahaha. I think it’s real and it doesn’t hurt. In my dream I think it’s very cool but when I woke up I think it’s so stupid and so funny hahaha. And I be in a boat and has a whale under the boat. It’s very scary. And I be a penguin hahaha. And I say ‘helloooo’ to another penguins and play with fish hahaha. So funny. I woke up at 6.35 a.m. Today is my last day for school. Track is finish early today yeahhh!! It’s finish at3.50 p.m.

We have Garrett’s birthday party today. I watch Garrett play the game and it’s has a girl go and talk to me and Clara about her mom’s phone and about her brother can climb and get the ball for her. Hahaha. I thought Clara know her but she didn’t hahaha. I think that girl like Garrett hahaha.