I woke up at 6.30 a.m. Yesterday I sleep with wet hair. So when I wake up my hair is so fluffy. And it’s look so weird. I try to make it normal but I can’t. But when I arrived at school, my hair look normal!! I bring Taro to school today. And I tell everybody smell it. Everybody say ‘ewwww’ when they smell it. It’s so funny hahaha. But they need to try it. After they try they spit all of Taro in their mouth out. It’s so funny and ewwwww. At track, I put grass on each other hair. It’s so funny. But Ethan is so tall. So I need to jump and put grass on his hair.

I ate Taco today!! I really really really really really really like taco. I watch Uncle Grandpa at 8 o.m. It’s so funnyyyy hahaha. I like it.