I woke up at 7 a.m. I made lunch for me and Clara today. Today she didn’t have to take the tests yeahhhh. Today dad brings me to school. So I don’t need to wake up early todayyy. We take a picture at track. I think my face is look so bad.

We have party today when school over. They make me laugh a lot hahaha. They’re so funny hahaha. I ate 3 pieces of pizza and coke in this party. I really really really really like pizza hahaha. When we eat finish, we go to the park. I play swing and seesaw. Mikayla take a picture of me and Clara when we play swing.

We back home at 7.08 p.m. I watch home. It’s so funny hahaha.
Now at 11.33 p.m. I watch Kuzco. I really like this cartoon.