Againnn, early wake up!

George drove us to Universal Studio which is about 1 hour away. But when we got there, we couldn’t find a place to park. George just need to park for a bit to deal with tickets change because we came to a different day different price. Their parking fee is 40$ which was not what we want to do. (Too much just to park for 30 minutes)

We had to go around and came back again and we went to the drop guest off area. We told the guy we just need to park to take care of the ticket so he gave us 30 minutes park for free. We walked to Universal Studio. It was far from where we park. We went to the guest services and pay the extra expense for the tickets.

After that I had to give Sam to George. We didn’t have time to nurse or do anything. Because it was almost 30 minutes already. This was not what I expected. It was chaos.

George went back with Nissa and Sam. Nhun, Mook and I went to Universal Studio. We went to Harry Potter area first. Mook was really excited about it. She exchanged money to Ringit money (Harry Potter Money) and she went to buy the wand. It was a long line so I and Nhun went to be in another line for the ride.

Nhun was a bit scarred of the ride. But I pointed out that in the line has 7 years old too. It couldn’t be too scary. We waited in the line for a while and eventually we got to the ride. It wasn’t so excited for me. It has changed from the last time I came. Nhun loves it. She went on it again with Mook.

Mook went to buy some Harry Drink which is soda and after she drank it, she complained about stomachache. Hahaha She wanted to drink it anyway. I let Mook and Nhun walked around in this area until 11.30 am. and we met to eat lunch together.

After lunch, we went to play other rides. Nhun want to play baby ride. Hahaha Mook went  on it with her. I and Mook went to Roller Coaster for the last ride. It was so fast that we fell headache after that. I think it was because we were tired and hot also. OR I am getting old.

Sam cried a lot while I wasn’t around. He doesn’t take bottle and he doesn’t know how to fall sleep without nursing. George complained a lot about it because Sam cried for 6-7 hours today and he didn’t get to spent time with his parents. I fell sad for that.

George picked us up around 4 pm. and we went to Pam’s house for his mom birthday party. It was an early party because all the family members can manage to get together this weekend. We got there around 5 pm. Mook and Nhun just hang out at the pool and Mook took a nap later. We ate dinner here. It was a lot of food, grilled beef and chicken.


Sam and Nissa were cranky and moody. It’s been a long day for them.

Nissa was very excited to eat Grandma’s cake.

We stayed at the party until 11 pm. I was very exhausted. When we got the place we stay, I packed everything to make sure we’re ready to go because we are leaving at 4 am tomorrow. Ahhhhhhkkkkkkk