I’m Back!!!!

Hello everyone I’m back from Wis Dell!!!
Did someone miss me? Ok I will talk about we at Wisconsin Dell . 
Thursday that day was rainning and Mr. seigler(at school) said it will have Tonado today and I freak out. Then we have to go to the basement and get close to the wall and covered our head and I thought that I forgot my phone in my backpack then we sat like 1 minutes and we went back to our classroom and I like ohh its not real!!! Then we back to home get ready for our trips . Then at 4pm we have to pick up Greg at New Holstien. When we pick up him we saw like what was that called?! well I got picture of it.Then we went to &W and its very very slowww we like order the food and its long time to wait its had people outside that in the car and its was very slow!! Well the food was good.Then its a road that have a mud and rough and its very fun. Then we at Wis Dell its a lot of thing to do and its was awesome!!!!Then we went to Paul Bunyon in Paul Bunyon we went to eat breakfast and its a lot of Thai people do a job at Wisconsin Dell. The food were very delicious and the restaurant was very cool. Then Olivia Erin and I went to Ripley. There was creepy stuff and its little bit borring. Then we went to Candy Kitchen. I get somJelly and gummy stuff then we went to water park. Its super fun!!! Then we went to mini golf
but its close. 
So we get back and order pizza. At Mt Olimpus have a Roaller Coaster that look fun and have Goal cart and alot of funthing out door swimming part, but its open on SUMMER whattrrtrrrtttt agghhh. 
Then we played like Arcade and I got 128 tickets and I got that spongrbob.

Then we went to the lost Temple and and we like all girl that go in and its dark and scary and the kids was freak out and ready to cry so we get out. Then I went to Lost Temple again and its was nothing boring. We thought that its like adventure but well its kind of haunted house . Then we went to mini glof again and I got whole in one 4 times awesomee. Mini golf was very cool and huge I like it!!! Then we went back and played in water park and I climb the rock thing and I do it!!!
Then we went to Denny restaurant and its very yummy!!! Then we back to water park again ,but I didn’t swim I’m tired and at 9 or 10 we went back home and we get home st 1 o’clock. 

Today we went to church at 10 then we went to Isiah birthday we played and do a lot of thing and we back home and then went to shopping and writing my blog ohhhhh a lot of thing towrite. So thank you for take me to Wis Dell. I have a lot of fun that all for today bye

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