This was my last night and last day with host family . Thank you for everything that you do for me thank you to gave me a good expirience , and thank you Pudgidmelon for get me lives with Kolar family. I have the good times with them and have sister and brother I played with them and have crazy things that I love . At school I get a cards and gifts I feels like to cry because even the boy they gave me the cards ( verry differrent at Daroonpat school) then the buddy at school names Maddy she was funny girl,but this is first time and last time that I talk to her. Thank you everyone and thank you Pudgidmelon that gave me experience and thank you for let me understand that um stay with host family was feels like family. It was feel comforted like stayed with mum and dad brother sister Thank You.

Thank you Clara ,Madison,Abby,Caithy,Destiny,Emily,Ptty,Lorin ,Owen , and Kolar family 

I will miss you Thank you.

I am very active girl. I like to run around in the field and doing thing all the…