On Thursday at 3:00 me and Kolar family went to Eau Claire at Metropolis it was hotel and have water park. In the hotel usually had the shower cap,shampoo,conditioner and whatever it does not had anything it is only bed,bathroom that it, but the water park was awesome it have slider that we have to get on the tube that was coooooooool ~~~!!!!  and they had the Action city that was had Gocart, Rock climbing,Car bump and the game that was awesome!! At saturday we went to THE MALL AMERICA that was awesome I got one shoes and one Spongebob. In the mall America it have like roller coaster and the rope climbing that was scaryyyyyy~~~~~. On sunday me ,Olivia ,and Mr.Kolar ang everybody went to baseball game so boring , me and June bought some hat that was awesome and very fuzzy. This was last week that I will  live with host family I will miss everyone and my friends at school. When i was here I feel like I have three sister and one brother I am so happy because I want to have a sister, and my dream was come true i have three sister it was only one month ,but I really love them. I feel like i have another mumu and dad i think if I can i will be back next year.

<3 Kolar family!!!


I am very active girl. I like to run around in the field and doing thing all the…