Yesterday I woke up at 9:36 . I came down stair like very tired and I didn’t saw Olivia then I though that oh she went to her band. Then I have to stay at home by myself cause Lizzy and Emma have to go to Soccer practice so Sam and Greg have to pick up and drop them. However its rainning noooooo. Then they came back.Then Lizzy and Emma was take a shower then Sam went to take a shower with them and Sam came out with no pant and he show his littke elephant and sind a song elephant hooooo ~~~~~~. So funny then at the afternoon we played Monopoly
its very fun. Then we went to Kohl to bought some clothes in Easter day and I got a dress for easterday Thank You so much it very pretty when I try it everyone said pretty (I wear everything pretty hohohohoho just kidding) .Today we went to Baseball game I think its will be bored however its fun than last year cause we sat at the good spot that we can saw everything . Last time I can’t saw anything and everybody likes the ants!!! So this time is the best. Then its rainning and I didn’t bring my jacket it in the bus.Its so cold. Then we back home I eats some suppor and Erin said to me miss Didi you have to right your blog and I think ohhh I forgot!!!! Then I wrtie my blog Bye!!!

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I am very active girl. I like to run around in the field and doing thing all the…