Yeaterday was an Easter day!!!!!At the house I had to find the eggs and my basket     had shirt and 2 socks I like it .After that we go to the church and had a breakfast and I found her at the church then we had little games that Mr.Wade the principle of the school had alot of eggs and in the rggs has candy had alot of fun. Then we go to grandma home(Greg family) she was very kind and she gave me a bunny I love it then Jessica was come she was pretty , then we go to grandma home(Erin family) she gave me a basket and I find my new friend Elexa and….I can’t remember his name and we  create Bomb bomb family we had Didibombbomb ,Lizzybombbomb,Embombbomb,Obombbomb,Sammybombbomb,Lexabombbomb,
Cookiebombbomb and Lilybombbomb had alot of fun then we played Pingpong .After that we back ti home and sleptToday we had alot of fun because we went to  swimming pool then we wil might go to played at school and Erin said tomorrow we will go to raoller sket .


I am very active girl. I like to run around in the field and doing thing all the…