Today was the second days we don’t have school. Today was almost kind of a busy day here. So I woke up in the morning and have a cereal for a breakfast. Then we went out to Walmart and Kerry go for buy some cat foods. But I was bought some face-cream because I didn’t have it. I was bought a normal one. Then we went for rent some xbox 360 games because the games at home was broke. So when we finished we went to met My host sister. Her name is Becky. She was so nice. We ate lunch together at Pizza Ranch. It was very delicious. Then Becky want us to looked at her worked. She work in Place that peoples came and find some Jobs. Then we get home and played the games that we rent today. And at 17 p.m. We go met Todd again. We have supper at Todd house. We have a tacos with a beef. It was very delicious. Next we went bought some sand for basketball hoops this Friday. Then we went home.