Today is Wednesday and the last week for me so it is last daycare now. We have school today and I have waffles and cereal for breakfast now. We go to school on time and special class today is GYM class so we played game but first we have a sit-up test. It was fun and little bit hard. Today we have a lot of homework like math and science but I finish it in daycare. Jacob has patrol so he didn’t do it.Then we played outside today and Kerry are coming. Then we return the games and pick up my Mom at win house then get back home for let Rigby out and get out again to Todd house. We have lazanga for supper and played some game games. The we get to the lake and get some ice-cream after that. It was a very good time and Tatum be their too. Then at last Kerry takes my Mom back to hotel and we get home about 10.20. I almost get to bed but I have blog for today and yesterday so I do it first.