Today I woke up once at 5am because the fog jumped on my bed and I’m not a fan of dog smells. So I woke up in happily and tried to get the dog down but she didn’t move at all until Clara shout at her and I can get back to sleep.

Then I woke up again at 7:30 and I got my self ready for school and ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Then everything is the same at school. We studied about Trigonometric in math class and still on the book in English class.

Then it’s lunch time, I had pizza for lunch and now it seems like I had pizza more than cheese burger now. Then it moved to afternoon class, science is still about energy moving and we still doing hot pad by sewing all the star by sewing machine.

After school dad took us to Clara’s game. It’s almost time for skate night and I got to meet everyone again so I’m very exciting because it’s my firstet to everyone after a week because I was not there at their last meeting at farm.

While watching game I just realized that I didn’t pack my suitcase for Orlando trip that’s coming up soon. So after I go back from the skate, I must pack my suitcase very fast before move on to something else.

The field was very windy so I wait under the roof and it’s slot better. When I left the score was 28:1 and after that host dad told me that at the end of the game, the score was 42:1.

Then I’m finally at the skating place, almost everyone was already there. I found Nhun first and she can’t do rollerskating but someone gave her professional skating shoes and it’s alot harder with that one. So she need to use the helper. When I tried my shoes at size 5 it was too big so I need to changed my size to size 4 so it become a kids size and my shoes don’t look like another person (but not as weird as Nhun’s one).

A little fun fact about today meeting, Pladaow and Nhun wore Mickey Mouse clothes without an appointment. Moreover, Best and I also wore almost T-shirt without and appointment too. And Nissa had pad on her eyes so we can’t touch her.

When we came back home, I am so sleepy and I just finished my blog then get myself ready for bed without uploading my blog yet because house internet was not very good and School internet is a lot better so I’m just going to up load this blog tomorrow at school.