Today I got up at 6.28 a.m. and everything like everyday I have my geometry class and then physical education , Esl ,earth space ,government and lunch my lunch today I ate sandwish ,cheesestick and orange.the wrong thinng that make me feel crazy and tire is my sling bag struck in my licker so I can not open it I and didi try to put it off but we can not so some student see it and them try to help us.after that my religion teacher tell me to go in class and let them do it finally they don’t know what they use to fix it but they can do it it really want to thank them. Today I try pretty hard to learn biology although it is my favorite subject because our unit that we learn today are very hard.then I go hone I do “kao kai jaeo” everyone like it especially mariam but sam can’t eat it because he have swimming class today and when he come back it empty .