Hi Today, Emma and I woke up at 7 O’clock. Get dress and watch T.V. unit 9 O’clock, Emma and I ate cinamam rolls. It was very delicious, I have 2 of them.  After breakfast, we watch T.V. about 1  or 2 hour and it’s time for lunch. We eat the same that we ate for breakfast. After lunch Kala, Emma’s friends came to visit us about and we went in the hot tub about 20 minut and then we went out. Juse a minut, Kala’s grandma came to pick her up. Then Emma, Dillon and I went outside and played basketball about 40 minut and we went inside and Emma went to watch T.V. while I read a book. After that mom Dori cook the food and about 15 minut latter, dad Kevin arrived home and Emma and I help set the table. We ate hotdog, corn and tomato for dinner. Then Emma, Dillon and I watch T.V. about 30 minut and mom Dori said that I have to write blog. So I write blog and go to bed, maybe I will read a book befor go to bed.