Happy Friday, yayyyyyy 🙂
I guess fun stuff usually come around Friday. Like today, I think George has a tournament to attend at the game shop, and I’m meeting with Kay Larson this evening, shopping for Brewers shirts and eating fried cheese curds!!

I’ll tell you what I’ll have done this evening in tomorrow’s blog, but for now, it’s all about today.

There’s no much going on with me, actually. I just got up early again for the same reason I did yesterday. Today I got to video call with Pat because George wouldn’t let Pat look at him while he was working. I didn’t know why. I still don’t know now. So what happened is that I was live to Pat the whole morning, which I thought might be boring for her because she sure would love to see George more than me, lol.

Then George cooked mac ‘n cheese with sausage, and if I didn’t mistake it, I smelled something burning, hahahaha. Anyway, we had lunch, I did the dishes, and we were ready to come to this Manitowoc Public Library, where we are right now.

Talking about cooking (and burning something), Yesterday evening we went back to have dinner at the house. George let me cook the chicken I intended to prepare for lunch while he was quite busy with spaghetti (and TV, of course). Before I started with the chicken, I washed all the dishes up we left in the sink first, then I was shuffling pans around, trying to figure out which one would fit two chicken drums. That’s when George came in and asked if I was pretending to do the dishes just so I didn’t have to cook. Well, kind of, hahaha.

Anyway, I went on with a quite big pan with glass lid (as George suggested), and I couldn’t remember how, but I ended up having chicken pan in one hand and a spaghetti-sauce pan in the other. The sauce went crazy. It kept bubbling and spilling its lava all over the area! I had to stir it constantly just to stop that. That’s why I ended up having that busy-looking time 😛

The food tasted good. Lucky me, because I was kind of worried about my cooking, lol.

I’d better get going. See you on the next blog 🙂


P.S. It’s snowing!! 😀