On Friday, everyone at school were excited for prom that would have in Saturday. They talked about the dress they gonna wear and show their pretty nails. After we finished to study the fourth hour, all junior went to the gym to decorate it in New York theme. At 3 o’clock was the time that we usually left the school ,but Maggie had to help friends until 6o’clock ,so she called her mom to pick me up. At that time the snow fell so hard. All the road was white and it was very difficult to drive ,but finally, we got home safely.

On Saturday, It was no school yeah!! I can woke up late. I woke up at 8.30am and ate cereals for breakfast. Then Maggi went to her friend’s house to do her hair for prom at that day ,but I stayed at home. During she went outside, mom would made cookies for base ball game on Sunday ,so she put the butter out of the refrigerator to make it soft. 2 hours later, the batter still hard and Maggi had arrived home. Then when it soft we started to make cookies together. The type of cookies that we made was chocolate ships cookies. We put all of chocolate ships in the cookie. We mixed it and then baked.After that, Maggi went to another friend’s house to do the make up. At 4 o’clock, Maggi’s friend came to our house and I started to make up and do my hair by myself ,but I wanted to do the braid at the back of my hair ,so her friend helped me make it perfect. Then I dressed up. Maggi’s friends came here more to go to eat at the restaurant together before go to prom. At 5 o’clock, we left home and went to pick Oui up at his host house. Then, we went to the restaurant and ate dinner. Oui and I shared the dish because the food in this restaurant was big I can’t eat it all by myself. At 8o’clock we arrived to school and it was the time that prom started. I saw a lot of people wore puffy dresses and it was very pretty. When we were at the gym, the things that they decorate the day before looked change. It was more wonderful ,but they didn’t had chair in the gym and I couldn’t stand not that long ,so Oui and I went to sat at the chairs in front of the gym. I took a lot of picture with friends at school and have fun. We stayed at school until 11o’clock.

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