Yesterday I wrote the blog for 6/4 and I forgot to write about 7/4 because I thought I already wrote a blog.

I woke up at 9 yesterday because it’s weekend and I don’t need to go to school. Then we go to the restaurant to have breakfast and travel back right away home.

There’s something really shocked me about this trip is Tonya. She’s so talkative, she can talk(only say her story with only answer like ‘oh’ ‘yes’ from conversation partner) all the time since we left her house until we send her back to her house and the only time that she’s quitet is when she fall asleep. She showed me a picture of her dog like 3 times a day and keep asking me are they cute and do I love them. And she keeps telling everyone that she met like I really love them and I can’t wait to see them. I mean… The dog is cute but I’m not that dog person.. and people might not say something like ‘oh they are not cute.. I don’t like them.. ‘ or something like that.. She can even talk to a random guy that we found in gas stations and she told us that the guy who she talked with is grandpa… his grandson just lose his mom and his wife is having cancer. Well.. everything becomes a lot more quiet when we drop her at her house. But when we dropped her, she still hold her dog around like I’m very exciting to see a dog. And it’s like… Her dog just stand on a mud and she hold her dog to touch my (mom’s) sweater… And keep asking me are they cute and do I want to touch them.. It’s like… She is muddy and I don’t want to get mud on my sweater or my body… And that dog is getting mud on my sweater. I mean like…your pet is not cute for everyone.. even it’s really cute and they say it’s cute (by manor or whatever..)

She made my dayy so done… The time left is spend for my artwork and bed only.